Plone 2 Support

Plone 2 uses, as standard, GroupUserFolder (GRUF). This doesn't currently support LDAPUserFolder Out Of The Box.

However, using LDAPUserFolderExt, support is possible. To support Plone 2 you should install LDAPUserFolderExt, following the instructions (you will need to patch CMFLDAP also, as detailed in the instructions). You must also use the Aiakos CVS code. See The project CVS Page for details of how to retrieve CVS versions.

Aiakos attempts to detect when it is in a GRUF installation and behave accordingly. Currently on installing the client tool, it replaces the default user source with an AiakosUserFolder. If you have multiple, or no, user sources, the installation won't work.

Note that this installation will clobber your default user source!