Using The Windows COM Objects

The windows COM objects provide direct access to core Aiakos functionality. This includes:

All aspects of session management on the Participating Site is the responsibility of the developer for that site.

What You Require

You should have obtained a working Aiakos account from the Aiakos server administrator. You will have been provided with:

  1. An Aiakos Server URL
  2. An Aiakos Secret
  3. An Aiakos Participating Site Code
  4. An LDAP Distinguished Name
  5. An LDAP Password

When you install the Aiakos COM Objects, you will need to provide these items of configuration to the installer.

Architecture of an Aiakos Participating Site

The Login Link

Because a site that uses the Aiakos system has no login pages of it's own, the architecture will be slightly different. First, anywhere you wish to provide a 'Login' link, you will need to link to the Aiakos login form. The rubric for the link target is:


When the user clicks this link, they will be presented with the login/registration interface. They complete the various forms required, and when they have successfully authenticated they will be linked back to your Landing Page.

The Landing Page

On the landing page you perform all the tasks required to setup the user's session appropriately if they are authenticated. Your landing page is called with a GET parameter, uap that contains the encrypted UAP. To decode this, you should do something like:

    set uap = Server.CreateObject("Aiakos.UserAuthenticationPackage")
    encrypted = Request.QueryString("uap")
    uap.decrypt "AIAKOS_KEY", encrypted

(The AIAKOS_KEY is the key provided to you by the Aiakos server administrator. It is a 16 character hexadecimal string.)

Once you have done this, you can obtain properties from the User Authentication Package like:

    username = uap.getProperty("username")

The full API description is in the User Manual.